What is etiquette for a new trip while covid?

News of the new coronavirus that flows every day. Many people are consciously practicing wearing masks and washing hands. However, when it comes to traveling, I tend to feel relaxed because of the extraordinary feeling of openness. Remember and practice new travel etiquette to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

If you fail to protect your new travel etiquette, the GoTo Travel office may request you to return your benefits. New travel etiquette is essential to enjoy your trip safely and profitably.

11 points of etiquette for a new trip

1. Check the infection status at the destination
2. Wear a mask while traveling
3. Be modest in chatting in the car
Do not wash and disinfect your
hands frequently even while traveling 5. Do not go to crowded places 6. Shake hands Express your feelings with a handshake instead of
7. Be modest in chatting while eating
8. Keep a space when lining up
9. Ventilate frequently while staying at your accommodation or while traveling
10. Check
your physical condition such as temperature measurement every day 11. Souvenirs When choosing, take one after deciding with your eyes

Basic style of new journey

Now, I will introduce the basic style of a new trip. All of these are simple things that you can do with just one thought, so please practice without any hassle.

Don’t forget to check your health every morning

Be sure to measure the temperature every morning while traveling. If you have a fever or have a cold, refrain from traveling rather than forcing yourself. Also, if you feel tired even if you don’t have a fever, take good care of yourself and take a rest.

Let’s check the status of the travel destination

Before you go on a trip, check the infection status of your destination. Avoid moving to areas where the infection is widespread and change destinations as needed. Also, check the infection prevention measures at your accommodation.

Let’s leave an interval when lining up

When lining up for admission to restaurants and tourist attractions, keep a distance of 2m (minimum 1m) as much as possible. Consider the option of “not lining up” for rows that are already crowded.

Let’s wear a mask

Wear a mask while traveling, even if you do not have any symptoms such as coughing. However, you should also be careful about heat stroke in the summer. Consider using cool contact materials or sports-type masks. If you can keep a sufficient distance from people outdoors, you can remove the mask.

Thoroughly wash and disinfect your hands

As with everyday life, be sure to wash and disinfect your hands diligently when traveling. Hand wash for about 30 seconds and wash carefully with water and soap. If you touch parts that many people touch, such as elevator buttons and doorknobs, do not touch your face and wash your hands immediately. Be especially careful before meals.

Avoid narrow or crowded areas

Please try to avoid the state of “3 dense (dense, close, sealed)”.If you have a travel schedule in place, it will be difficult to change your schedule. Enjoy your trip on a generous schedule.

Let’s keep in mind diligent ventilation

In poorly ventilated spaces, virus levels in the air may be high. Ventilate frequently to reduce the risk of infection. Open windows to ventilate in hotel rooms and cars, and turn on ventilation fans in hotels where windows do not open.

Traveling is an integral part of the journey. However, it is often dense while traveling, especially when using buses and trains, increasing the risk of infection with the new coronavirus. Let’s take a look at the etiquette of new trips that you should be aware of when traveling.

Let’s wear a mask even in the train / bus

It is important to ventilate the inside of the car diligently, but ventilation alone is not enough because the distance between people is short and the air tends to be trapped. Be sure to wear a mask even in the car to reduce the risk of getting infected.

Be modest in conversation in the car

As long as you wear a mask, anti-virus measures are not perfect. When talking, even if you are wearing a mask, droplets will be generated, increasing the risk of being infected by droplets. It can also leave the virus in the car after you get out of the car. Please keep the conversation as modest as possible.

Let’s move to a vacant time and time zone

Even if you usually keep in mind the social distance, you cannot keep a distance if the hotel, restaurant, tourist attraction, etc. are crowded. To ensure your social distance, try to move to a time and time when you have as much time as possible.

Consider walking or biking

Consider walking or biking to avoid dense spaces. It’s not recommended in the hot season, but if the weather is nice, it’s fun to move outdoors while touching the outside air. Also, by enjoying a leisurely trip, you will notice the charm of the area that is usually overlooked.

New travel etiquette for dining

One of the pleasures of traveling, dining, also requires new travel etiquette. Here are five points to prevent infection.

Let’s also use takeout

It’s good to eat in the store, but I’m worried that the closed space increases the risk of infection. If you can take out, take it home and eat as much as possible. Also, if there is a park with few people or a place with a good view nearby, it is recommended to eat outside.

Let’s set aside the food

If possible, choose a set meal that is set aside for each person. When sharing dishes such as platters and hot pots with everyone, use chopsticks or a special spoon instead of individual chopsticks.

Let’s sit so as not to face each other

Sitting face to face increases the risk of droplet infection. Try to lie side by side in a row or sit opposite the sword. Also, the droplets do not just fly forward. Be aware that the splashes of conversation do not hit the food or the other party.

Conversation modest

You can’t wear a mask while eating, so you have to be more careful about droplet infections than usual. Conversation should be modest and care should be taken to prevent saliva from splashing around. There is also the advantage that you can enjoy the food firmly by reducing conversation.

Wear a mask when moving around the building

Be sure to wear a mask when moving around the building. Even at night or early in the morning, you may pass by other guests in the corridor, so be careful not to watch or let them watch the game.

Let’s have a conversation in the room

Conversations in corridors, restaurants, and other shared spaces can cause splashes to adhere to the inn’s equipment. Since it is a place that other customers will touch, please refrain from talking in public places as much as possible and enjoy the conversation in the room.

Refrain from talking in the public bath

Entering the public bath is also the real pleasure of traveling. However, since it is a place where you can enter without wearing a mask, be careful of infection more than usual. Especially in the dressing room, you can’t clean and ventilate frequently, so be careful not to talk as much as possible.

Let’s ventilate the room moderately

The virus may have adhered to your clothes or hair and brought it into your room. Ventilate frequently to prevent the virus from accumulating in your room. If you cannot open the window, please attach a ventilation fan.

Let’s keep in mind to wash and disinfect diligently

There is a danger that you will not know who is touching where at the inn. If you touch a doorknob or elevator that many people touch, wash and disinfect your hands as soon as possible.

New travel etiquette when using tourist facilities

How can you consider the risk of infection when using tourist facilities? Here are seven points to note.

Choose a free time and place

3 To avoid congestion, choose a free time zone and facility. Those who can relax and enjoy sightseeing have the advantage of less waiting time and less stress.

Make a reservation

The number of facilities where reservations can be made for each time zone has increased. Check in advance so that you don’t have to line up, and make a reservation when you can.

Don’t stay in a small room

Small rooms tend to be dense and increase the risk of infection. Instead of staying in one place, try to move to a larger area after sightseeing.

Take advantage of online tickets

Paper tickets also increase the chances of contact with staff. Use online tickets and try to avoid contact as much as possible. There are also advantages such as less luggage and no need to line up.

Let’s enter after wearing a mask

Outside, you may occasionally remove your mask to prevent heat stroke. However, masks are indispensable because there are many people when entering the facility. Make sure to wear it before entering.

Refrain from talking

When you take a picture, you will be closer to your friends and family. Conversation increases the risk of droplet infection, so take pictures while reducing conversation as much as possible.

Wash and disinfect your hands as soon as possible

Viruses may be attached to your hands, so wash and disinfect your hands as soon as you leave the facility. It is convenient to have a portable disinfectant so that you can disinfect it anywhere.

New travel etiquette for shopping

Keeping souvenirs is one of the important elements of travel. Here are four shopping etiquette that take the risk of infection into consideration.

Shop in your spare time

If the shop is crowded, stagger the time to avoid crowding. When the sales floor is large, one way is to look around from the vacant area.

Try not to touch the product as much as possible

No matter how often you wash your hands, you may have a virus on your hands. To avoid contact infections, avoid touching the product carelessly, and touch only what you choose and purchase with your eyes as much as possible.

Let’s leave an interval when waiting for the cash register

When waiting at the cash register, you want to keep an interval of 2m (at least 1m). If there are already people in line, try to wait until there are fewer people.

Let’s use electronic settlement

Exchanging money also increases the chances of contact. Use electronic settlement as much as possible. There is also the advantage that accounting can be done smoothly.

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